The Best Winter Workout Gear

Baby, it’s cold outside. But on your next run or outdoor workout, you don’t have to be

The key to a killer winter workout might be your clothes.

A 2012 study by Northwestern researchers found that what you wear directly affects how you perform. They coined their own phrase for it—“enclothed cognition”—which means associating certain clothing with certain actions.

Basically, you’ll feel inspired to hit the asphalt and face the cold if you wear clothes you mentally associate with kickass workouts. Throw on your stained college sweatshirt and, well, you might find yourself parked on the couch.

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Plus, if you like your workout clothes, you’ll want to wear them—which is just more motivation to get your butt out the door.

So boost your mental toughness with some new cold-weather pieces from the list below.



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