Skin Care Yoga Tips from a Certified Instructor

Practicing yoga improves blood circulation to the face area

In today’s age, people give more value to various cosmetic treatments, which can enhance the shine of their skin. Though these cosmetic procedures do refine your skin quality, they have several risks associated with them. Additionally, these procedures require regular sittings and hordes of precautions. For people who often wonder if there’s a permanent and natural solution to their skin issue, they don’t have to look any further than yoga! No pricey cosmetic packages and no needless surgeries. Just follow an easy daily yoga regime and your skin will glow for years.  

In this interview we converse with Navneet, a certified yoga instructor working with Kairali Yoga. Read on to know more about his love for yoga and how it can be beneficial for your skin.

Yoga for skin care can help remove acne

1. What all services does Kairali Yoga provide?

We offer yoga therapy depending on an individual’s needs, along with daily hatha yoga classes.

2. What is the vision behind this enterprise?

Our vision is to provide a holistic yoga program and Ayurvedic treatment. Our aim is to provide complete wellness solution to individuals, which includes daily yoga classes for people from the corporate environment and free yoga sessions for individuals i.e. in parks and other public places where people can practice yoga. We wish to give something back to society by spreading awareness about yoga.

3. How is yoga different from other skincare exercises?

Well, the benefit of Yoga is not only limited to mind and body, but yoga for skin care can solve a majority of skin issues. Other exercises also work in that aspect, but on a very superficial level in comparison to yoga. In yoga the whole body i.e. the structure of the body goes under change. The muscular structure goes under transformation and many other hormonal changes take place. In yoga various glands are exercised and toned, as a result they function more efficiently. These glands secrete specific hormones which directly or indirectly control our mental and emotional state. Our whole body becomes more efficient because of the energy currents in the body. The prana circulates freely, which results in improving the health of an individual. All this affects our skin and causes it to glow.

Outdoor yoga sessions accelerate healing process

4. How does Yoga help in getting glowing skin?

There are various asanas that help us in absorbing vital energy also called prana. When prana in body depletes, diseases start attacking our body. Yoga asana help us in keeping our immunity intact by toning our whole muscular-skeletal structure. Also, asanas directly affect our glands and causes them to secrete hormones and accelerates our skin’s quality.

5. Which Asanas and breathing exercises do you suggest are most important for improving skin quality?

There are various asanas which can restore our skin’s sheen including Kapalbhati, which brings glow on our forehead. Individuals practice anulomvilom pranayama for maintaining physical and mental health. These pranayamas directly affect our mind and leave a profound effect on our parasympathetic nervous system (PSN), which is responsible for controlling all of our body’s activities. When PSN is active, our heart rate slows down and all our body activities slow down with it. This generates a calming effect on our body and mind which is good for our overall wellbeing. Bhastika pranayama is also a good pranayama for the same and it can be practiced in all seasons.

6. Are there any diet and nutrition specifications that one needs to follow to derive maximum skin benefit from Yoga?

One should intake a balanced diet which includes lots of green vegetables and plenty of water. Also, consuming fruits is necessary as they have lots of natural vitamins and minerals which are good for the body.

7. Do you think personalized yoga sessions are better than the group ones?

According to me, group sessions are better than personalized ones. A group yoga session is of 60-90 minutes and has all types of asana that one’s needs. It is easier for one to learn as level of energy here is better than individual sessions. Personalized yoga sessions are good for people with special and therapy based yoga needs.

Group yoga sessions are more consistent

Yoga differs from other workout regimes; it rejuvenates your mind, soul and body by making it fit and free from diseases. Also, Yoga is widely recognized as a healer for skin. It improves skin quality by stimulating it from the inside. But with more and more scientific techniques coming in, this natural healer is getting ignored. However, there are individuals like Navneet, who are giving back to society by spreading awareness and getting people to try it.


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