How to Pick the Perfect Swolemate

5 keys to finding a great gym partner

Gym partnersA good workout buddy will help you get the best results from your exercise plan. It’s easy to ditch the gym when you’re on your own, but it’s a lot harder to blow off a friend who’s expecting you to show up.

Plus, a training pal will push you to work harder. Hitting the gym with a buddy can double the length of your workout, say researchers at Michigan State University.

But the trick is finding the right guy for the job. Here are five qualities of the perfect swolemate.

1. He’s reliable.

There’s no use making a bromantic gym date if your partner doesn’t turn up. Pick a friend who won’t bail on you—or better yet, find someone who will annoyingly text you on leg day to stop you from skipping out.

After all, it’s better to have a barbell on your back than your gym buddy.

2. He knows your style.

A spotter who knows that you like to pause at the bottom of a rep won’t throw you off by rushing in and grabbing the bar too early.



Source by menshealth


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