How to increase your bench press

A big chest is the envy of many. Fill a t-shirt! Be the king of the beach!

​You shouldn’t have to hesitate if someone asks ‘how much do you bench?’ ​

To get a big chest is simple – lift heavy. ​

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However, to get your body to left the kind of weight to make your big gains can be tricky. But certainly achievable. Here are some strategies to get there:

1. Get a spotter

​The ever-growing number of fail videos around lifting heavy weights circulating on the Internet immediately sets an impediment in your mind – what if I can’t lift it back up? I’ll be a YouTube star for all the wrong reasons!


Which is an excellent reason to have a spotter.

That way, you can have someone get you out of the very tough spot of not being able to lift a weight back up. And will give you the confidence to go that little bit heavier than you would when on your own.

​ Just don’t have the spotter do bicep curls while spotting you!​

2. Track your progress

If it’s the first time you’re hitting the gym, don’t expect to thrown on the 20kg plates on to the bar right away. You must give your muscle groups time to adapt and train it to push heavier. Aim for progress with patience. The best way to progress effectively is to track how it’s going. Keep a diary. Or use the notes app in your phone. Or one of the many other apps that help you track your workout.

3. Change your methodology

Hitting a plateau is quite normal in training routines. If you stick to the same concepts for an extended period of time, you need something that people call ‘plateau-busters’. Try your hand at German Volume Training (10 sets of 10 reps on a fixed weight that is challenging) or try throwing in drop sets or focus on the negative (eccentric) phase of the movement. That way, you will get your muscle group to adapt further, allowing you to lift heavier

4. Recover well

Ensure that you get plenty of sleep (as sleep is the time your muscles grow).

Also stay keyed in on your nutrition. If your muscles don’t have the fuel to push to the limit and past, you’re going to have a hard time in getting the big plates on.


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