Adding An Inch To Your Arms

Add An Inch To Your Arms In 29 Days


Want the secret to building bigger arms?

Well, I’ll tell you one thing: it doesn’t come from twenty different kinds of bicep curls and chugging a bottle of Muscle Milk.

In fact, I could sit here and list every bicep curl known to man, but it stillwon’t give you bigger arms. Why? Because the kind of arm exercises you do pales in comparison to how you put it all together.

The truth is “3 sets of 15 reps” isn’t going to add an inch to your upper arms — neither is doing sets until infinity. It’s about following a steady approach that supercharges your volume and intensity, and it’s about blending both isolation and total-body exercises to build big biceps and triceps.

Are you ready for your upper arms to grow like weeds?

Today, I’m giving you a 29-day guide to finally add the size and strength you want to your upper arms. It won’t be easy — your arms might feel like noodles as you ramp up — but if you stick with it, you’re going to need a permit to carry “them guns.”

Good luck.

How This Workout Works

This workout isn’t an invitation to ONLY do arms exercises for 29 days — you still have to do your heavy leg exercises, heavy rows, and heavy overhead presses. In fact, research shows having the stimulus from a total-body workout helps you maximize growth in your biceps, triceps, and forearms because of the immediate boost in testosterone.


So, instead of making a special trip to the gym for “arm day,” simply add these arm circuits to the end of your regular, total-body workout.

Next, remember your diet: to add an inch to your arms, you have to eat more than you currently do. But instead of targeting a certain number of calories, just add a protein shake or two to your current diet. THAT’S IT. First, simply doing this will add an extra 200-400 calories to your daily intake. Second, the extra protein will make your muscles grow faster.

As for the workouts, I have two: Workout A and Workout B. Alternate between workouts and do them 2-3x per week. So, if you lift three times a week, it’s going to look like this:

  • Week 1: A, B, A
  • Week 2: B, A, B Etc.

Finally, notice that some of these exercises have asterisks by the number of sets. That means you’ll add an extra set every week. For example, with exercise A2 in Workout A, you’ll do 5 sets on your first week, 6 sets on your second week, 7 sets on your third, and 8 sets on your final week.

Trust me: this systematic way of increasing your volume — while keeping your intensity high — will do wonders for your bi’s, tri’s, and forearms.

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