A Better Way to Wear Jeans and a Casual Shirt

Think this classic combo makes you look schlubby? Not if you try something different

You love wearing jeans and a t-shirt, right? So do we. And get this: You can transform that look from country concert to country club with just a few deliberate upgrades.

You get all the comfort of that classic clothes combo, but instead of looking like a guy who pulled his outfit out of the hamper, you’ll have the sleek business casual appearance of a jet-setting CEO.

The best part: You don’t have to stray too far from your favorite section at the store, or shell out serious cash. It’s all about looking for specific materials and shades, and adding a few extra pieces.

Here’s what you do: Opt for a pair of dark jeans, which look rich in color but light on price point. Pair them with a minimalist button-down, and timeless boots that exude subtle sophistication.

Source by menshealth

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