6 Things to Get Right at a Job Interview


It’s a rare privilege to see somebody do something perfectly. Michael Phelps. Tiger Woods (on the links, anyway). And then there’s this guy who came in a few weeks ago and screwed up his job interview perfectly. The only thing missing was a little piece of toilet paper trailing from the heel of his shoe as he made his way out the door

First of all, he was late. That’s all right. People have stuff. But 35 minutes late? Strike 1. Second, he didn’t apologize. I don’t need face-on- the-carpet groveling, but a little “I’m really sorry” would’ve been nice. Still, all of that would have been forgiven had the guy not immediately worked the phrase, “When I was at Harvard . . . ” into his opening gambit. That kind of stuff hits a nerve with me, and not because I wasn’t accepted at Harvard; they just seem to breed these kinds of guys there. I really wasn’t impressed

It occurred to me, as I watched this fellow, that we make many mistakes when we’re trying to land a job. This guy made the error of showing off his bad personality before displaying his good one, if that one indeed existed. But we all goof up. Even with the stakes so high and with tremendous motivation for success on every front, job hunters make rudimentary blunders every day. Sometimes as an interviewer it just makes me want to put my head down on the desk and cry. But the one thing I can’t do is lean across the vast expanse of wood or metal that separates me from the applicant and say, “Hey, buddy? Here’s what you just did to cut your own throat.”

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