6 Pinterest-Worthy Fruity (and Healthy!) Drinks

1. #HappySummr Blueberry Lemonade
When food and fitness blogger Brandi Koskie, her husband and daughter embarked on a family roadtrip last summer, a stop in Providence, RI, led them to tons of fresh, hand-picked blueberries. The result? Blueberry everything, including this blueberry lemonade. All you need to create your own #HappySummr (any time of year) are lemons, blueberries (duh), simple syrup and water. For the full recipe, head over to FitBloggin.com.

Drinks so pretty that you're going to want to Pin them.

(Photo by Gina Eykemans)

2. Cucumber + Mint Limeade
Mocktails need not be boring. Gluten-free food blogger Gina Eykemans originally created this recipe for a fellow blogger’s virtual baby shower, but this mojito-like drink is perfect any time (post-workout refresher, anyone?). So pick up an English cucumber, some mint and a few limes from your local farmers market and get the full recipe at SoLetsHangOut.com.

Sugar-free blackberry mojitos

(Photo by Caroline Potter)

3. Sugar-Free Blackberry Mojitos
Not only are these mojitos pretty and delicious, if you head over to nutritional counselor Caroline Potter’s blog, you’ll see they’ll give you a healthy dose of nutrition, too. “Blackberries are not only rich in antioxidants and fiber, but also are a high in tannins which help with digestion and reduce inflammation,” she writes. If you’re trying to cut calories or simply prefer a non-alcoholic drink, substitute the rum for more sparkling water. Get the full recipe on ColorfulEats.com, and while you’re there, check out all the other grain-, gluten- and refined sugar-free recipes.

Non-alcoholic watermelon lime juice recipe from AlaMain.net

(Photo by Cathy Flanagan) 

4. Watermelon-Lime Juice
Sure, the watermelon-lime combo is wonderfully refreshing on a hot day, but the real kicker in this recipe is the basil. Throw four simple ingredients into a blender and serve (add a splash of vodka, if you’re feeling extra festive). Try one after your workout (sans alcohol, of course). A 2013 Spanish studyshowed promising evidence that watermelon might help reduce muscle soreness after a challenging workout. Check out AlaMain.net for the full recipe.

Raspberry Mint Iced Tea Recipe from DelightfulEmade.com

(Photo by Erin Indahl-Fink)

5. Raspberry-Mint Iced Tea
You know what’s even more refreshing than iced tea? Raspberry-mint iced tea. Fortunately, the hardest part of this recipe is steeping the tea. Food blogger Erin Indahl-Fink created this super-simple recipe as a reminiscence of her childhood growing up on a farm in South Dakota where her grandpa, mother and brothers were all avid iced-tea drinkers. Head over to DelightfulEMade.com for the entire recipe, her beautiful step-by-step photography and tips on tea shopping.

Lavender lemonade recipe from TheMelroseFamily.com

(Photo by Jenny Melrose)

6. Lavender Lemonade
When you have a recipe on your site named “Best EVER Lemonade Recipe” how could you ever improve it? Turns out, if you’re food blogger Jenny Melrose, you add lavender. Just add a few drops of lavender essential oil to her lemonade recipe and you’ll have its antioxidant power in a glass — not to mention a drink that smells good and is guaranteed to relax you. Both those recipes (and many more) can be found on her site, TheMelroseFamily.com.

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