3 Beauty Habits You Must Follow Every Morning

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Make your morning habits beautify you

Developing a beauty routine for your mornings is the best way to start your day on the right note, and keep your skin refreshed and energised for a hectic day ahead. While you will find tons of information on what all you should (and should not) be doing every AM, we have simplified the process further for you!

Here are 3 beauty habits you should be following every morning for healthy, glowing skin that is naturally beautiful.

Drink A Glass of Water

First thing in the morning, drink water

The first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is to drink a tall glass of water. Your body needs to be rehydrated after a night’s rest, and water flushes out toxins in your body. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so drinking water will boost your body as well as brain. There are many ways to do it, too. Drink a glass of warm water with honey to also boost your digestive system, or drink a glass of chilled water to kick off your metabolism. If you don’t like the thought of plain water, squeeze half a lime into it.

Get Moving

follow a fitness regime in the morning

Now that you’re rehydrated, it is time for a workout. Yoga and meditation are great for an AM workout routine – gentle yet effective to boost your mind, body and soul. You could also go for a run, jog or power walk, and finish up with some breathing exercises and meditation. Exercise will increase blood circulation, increase cell telomeres, boost your immune system and also help you flush out more toxins in the form of sweat. IT also gives you a beautiful natural glow.

Pamper Your Skin

Post workout, give your skin a thorough rinse

Post workout, jump into the shower and give your skin a thorough rinse. Pat dry, and treat yourself to a cold mineral water spritz that refreshes and re-energises the skin. Do remember to use an antioxidant cream, one that contains vitamins E, C and A to protect your skin from attack of free radicals. Using a good cream in the morning can offer protection all day long. And yes, don’t forget to use sunscreen liberally all over your skin, before you put on your makeup for the day.

These beauty habits will give you lasting results, as these give your skin a healthy boost from within, while also offering a protective layer to your skin from the outside. Once done, enjoy a high protein breakfast and drink a cup of antioxidant-rich green tea before you head out to work.





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